How to Fix Asphalt Cracks

Nothing in the world is built to last. The milk you buy at the grocery store has an expiration date to let you know when it becomes unhealthy to consume. Sadly, areas of our house like our floor tiles or our driveway don’t come with a clearly marked expiration date. Even worse, they’re still capable of becoming outdated. That’s why it’s good practice to check areas like your driveway for cracks regularly. With summer ending and winter on the way, September and October are the last times of year you can fix any cracks in your driveway. If you don’t, the winter frost can make these cracks much larger. With tools you can buy at your local ACE Hardware in NH, here’s how to fix asphalt cracks:

Prep Work

  • First is to buy the tools you’ll need from your local ACE Hardware in NH. You’ll need to buy a wire brush, a hose and nozzle, a utility knife, and an asphalt crack sealer. Keep in mind that safety goggles are a smart buy for any home renovation project.
  • Next, clean the crack, so the seal has an easy time adhering. This means removing any dirt, weeds, or bits of loose asphalt using your wire brush.
  • Next, use the hose to clear out anything your wire brush may have missed. For a better clean, try an air compressor if one is available to you.

Smaller Cracks

  • Small cracks can range in size from about ⅛ of an inch to ½ an inch.
  • For small cracks, it’s best to use a rubberized asphalt sealer.
  • The best method for applying the sealer is using a caulking gun.
  • Once filled, let the sealer dry according to their instructions before driving or walking on the crack.

Larger Cracks

  • Large cracks constitute any crack over a ½ an inch. For cracks over two inches, consider using small, crushed gravel to fill up to the two-inch line first. Be sure to compact the gravel well if you choose to use it.
  • Larger cracks require a cold process asphalt repair compound. For example, blacktop works well.
  • Next, apply the compound to the crack. Stop to compress the mixture for a sturdier foundation.
  • Repeat this process until the crack is adequately filled.

Don’t let your driveway cracks get worse over the winter months. Use the fall to fill your asphalt cracks. You can find all the tools you need at your local ACE Hardware in NH. Contact Aubin ACE Hardware at 603.668.5533 or visit them online.