5 Essential NH Tools To Survive The Long Winters

Living in New England is no joke, especially come winter. With the harshest elements settling in around you, many long for the warm summer days (even though we’ll complain about the humidity once it’s here)! All that aside, surviving the winter doesn’t have to be so painful! With these five essential tools, NH winters will turn enjoyable right before your eyes! Okay, we can’t promise that, but these tools will help make life a little easier.



You’re already miserable with the short days and frigid air. Why make matters worse with flooding basements? Even the smallest of cracks in the foundation will allow water seepage when the snow starts to melt. However, if you’re armed and ready with a shop-vac, you can prevent a small puddle from turning into a pond. Sure, this isn’t a fix, but it is a helpful tool to avoid more stress!



Snowblower or not, owning a shovel is a must in New England. However, choosing the right type of shovel for your needs is another matter. A metal-lined shovel will prove efficient for close snow removal on concrete surfaces. However, if you’re shoveling a path from your deck to your yard for your furry friend, you’ll want to stick with plastic.



Likewise, choosing the right type of deicer or rock salt is imperative. While some products are safe for wood surfaces, others can cause discoloration, cracking, and even scratch your deck. Furthermore, if you’re a pet owner, you’ll want to choose a pet-safe option if applying the salt in common areas.


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Depending on the slope of your roof, snow buildup may be an issue. However, with easy to install heating cables, your worries will be over. Helping to melt the snow and ice from your roof, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t invest in this high-tech solution sooner.



Whether it’s an automatic backup or a gas-powered unit, having a generator will undoubtedly come in handy. Don’t be left in the dark or without heat. Even at minimal wattage, electricity is a must.


When it comes to NH tools, Aubin Ace Hardware has you covered. From small hand powered tools to get those DIY projects done with ease and precision to shovels and more – we have what your winter requires. Stop by and visit us today at 762 Mast Road.