Fall Cleanup Supplies Are at the Best Hardware Store Near Me!


Tomorrow is officially the first day of fall! We know, it snuck up on us, too. And, well, we call it “fall” because the leaves fall down. If your leaves haven’t started to come down yet, they soon will, so you’ll want to be prepared. Those of us who have lived in New Hampshire for a while know that there are supplies that you just can’t do without. If you’re new to the area or a first-time homeowner, you might not have your list together yet. But don’t worry! You can get everything you need at the best hardware store around, Aubin Ace!



These are the VIP of fall cleanup. You’ll want to have at least two rakes, a large one for your yard’s open areas, and a smaller one to get leaves out of tight spots like bushes and corners. If you’re pulling your family in to help, you’ll of course want a few more.


Leaf Blowers

Some people dislike leaf blowers because of the noise and refuse to use them. We understand that objection, but you can get an electric leaf blower that is much quieter. Some models even use the same batteries as your electric drill. As long as you follow leaf blower etiquette (don’t blow your leaves into the street or your neighbors’ yards), there’s nothing holding you back now!



Many people who live next to the woods will dispose of their leaves there. And the easiest way to get your leaves from your yard to the woods is with a tarp. A good heavy-duty tarp will last you for years and make leaf hauling much easier.


Leaf Bags

If you don’t have a convenient wooded area to dump your leaves, leaf bags are the usual alternative. Fill the bag with leaves, stamp them down, and fill it some more. Every town has its own rules and schedules for leaf collection, so check what type of bags you’re allowed to use and when your town collects them.


Mulching Lawn Mower

There is one more alternative to tarps and leaf bags: composting. The easiest way to do this is to get a mulching attachment for your lawnmower. Whole leaves won’t decompose easily on their own, but mulching them helps the process along. The mulched leaves will make a great addition to your compost pile.


Find all these supplies and more at the best hardware store around, Abin Ace!

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