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Benjamin Moore 2020 Color of the Year

As a Benjamin Moore paint dealer, the team at Ace Aubin Hardware is excited to announce the recent release of the 2020 top color of the year, color, and palette trends. Because each year brings new excitement to the interior of our homes, this is always an inspirational time for those looking for a change. […]

Plumbing Problems? We Have the Tools You Need

Being a homeowner comes with responsibility. From paying the bills on time to saving money with DIY projects, there’s a lot to manage! Here at Ace Hardware New Hampshire, we have the supplies you need to make life a little bit simpler. From electrical to keys, automotive to plumbing, we have the selection of tools […]

Why You Should Clean Your Carpet. Today.

For many of us, the hectic ins and outs of every day can often put essential home maintenance to the back burner. Sure, we’ll give the counters a quick wipe, the floors a spot clean, and the rugs a once over. However, every homeowner should establish a routine cleaning schedule to eliminate the possibility of […]

Ten Tools That Every Electrician Needs

If you’re new to the electrical industry, we’re here to help. As experts in the tools that NH electricians need, the team at Aubin Ace Hardware has created this helpful top ten list of essential tools that every electrician should have!   Linesman pliers Used for gripping, twisting wires together, bending, and cutting wire, linesman […]

Give Your Front Door a Facelift with Benjamin Moore Paint

Besides the spring, fall is the second busiest season for home renovations in New England. However, the projects that homeowners tend to tackle during the fall season are not as extensive as those in the earlier months. With a timeline closing in on snowy days, you need to be sure you can complete any exterior […]

Plumbing Issues? Signs It May Be Time to Visit Your NH Hardware Store

Even those that are best prepared will experience plumbing issues at some point.  Whether your toilet has created a surprise pond in your home or your shower decided to wake you with ice-cold water, plumbing issues are part of the homeowners’ initiation phase.  However, there’s no need to panic with Aubin Ace Hardware around the […]

Custom Window Shade Cutting at Ace Hardware NH

At some time or another, shopping for blinds or shades for your home is an inevitable task.  Faced with hundreds of choices, the process can prove to be overwhelming.  Beyond the decision of blind or shade, fabric, or vinyl, you have the obstacle of fitting the shade perfectly into your window.  At Ace Hardware NH, […]

Must Have Outdoor Tools in Manchester NH

Regardless of the season, having the right outdoor power tools in Manchester, NH can save you valuable time and money.  Whether it’s spring clean up or fall leaf blowing, Aubin Ace Hardware has the solution for you.  Here’s a list of just a few of the top essentials we feel every homeowner should have!   […]

6 Steps to Having the Best Lawn in the Neighborhood

Whether you want to admit it or not, most of are in some secret competition with our neighbors.  Let’s face it, “keeping up with the Jone’s” wasn’t created for no reason.  Whether it’s who has the biggest deck, the newest lawnmower, or the best landscaping, one thing is for certain; curb appeal will always win.  […]

DIY Deck Staining Color Tips

Although New Englanders are flocking outdoors with the warmer weather, a homeowners job is never done.  The springtime checklist typically contains numerous to-dos such as hedge trimming, preparing gardens, power washing the house, fertilizing, staining the deck, and so on.  Now imagine if we had a solution for you to help free up some of […]