10 Reasons You’ll Search For A “Hardware Store Near Me”

10 Reasons You’ll Search For A “Hardware Store Near Me”

If one thing is for certain it’s that we have seen and heard it all. Here’s a look at the ten most common reasons people come to visit!

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Custom Window Shade Cutting at Ace Hardware NH

At some time or another, shopping for blinds or shades for your home is an inevitable task.  Faced with hundreds of choices, the process can prove to be overwhelming.  Beyond the decision of blind or shade, fabric, or vinyl, you have the obstacle of fitting the shade perfectly into your window.  At Ace Hardware NH, […]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas at Ace Hardware NH

With Father’s Day around the corner, many of us are scrambling to find that perfect gift that Dad will cherish for years.  Perhaps you have the Dad with everything or the Dad that lives internationally.  Whatever the case may be, choosing the perfect way to show your appreciation can be overwhelming.  However, you need to […]