Why You Should Paint Your Interior This Fall

The cool weather is fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to call it quits on our home improvement projects just yet! As a hardware store in Manchester, NH partnered with Benjamin Moore paint; we have plenty of customers still visiting us for all their painting supply needs during the fall season.

Why? Because fall is the ideal time to paint.

We know it might seem odd from a distance, but there are so many reasons it’s the perfect time to break out those brushes and rollers to give your home’s interior a new look.

  1. Paint often dries faster
    Summer humidity and heat in New England can be brutal, but the fall season often brings drier and cooler weather. With less humidity, paint can dry just a little faster and cleaner. This weather can also speed up your painting process by limiting dry-time between layers.
  2. It’s more comfortable condition to work
    On top of being the perfect condition for paint to dry, fall is also a preferred time to paint because it offers some of the best environments for those painting. This project is one that takes some muscle and allows you to open the windows for some much-needed fresh air.
  3. You’re giving your home a fresh look for the holidays
    Fall often starts the gathering of families for various holidays, and what better way to impress your guests than with a new look on your home’s walls? This decision can help bring new life to your space and serve as a catalyst for other improvements in your home during the winter.

The hardest decision you have to make now is what color paint you are looking for! Aubin Ace Hardware is a go-to in Manchester, NH for superior paint choices. We carry the full line of Benjamin Moore and can even help you with computerized color matching!

With more questions about our Benjamin Moore paints, please call our professionals today at (603) 668-5533.