What to Do When Kids Break the House

It’s winter, and that means staying inside, away from the cold. If you’ve got a group of rambunctious kids stuck inside your house, there’s always a worry that things might get broken. Here’s how to fix your house in case an errant ball or toy breaks through a wall.

You can prepare your home for rowdy kids by ensuring that heavy, breakable objects are out of young children’s reach, and making sure that there are no tripping hazards in the house. Don’t allow kids to play with balls or other toys that are meant for outside—but have a plan in mind just in case they don’t listen.

If your wall gets a hole in it from a stray ball, you can fix it with a simple drywall patch. A little bit of putty and paint will help the wall look like normal again. Fixing this hole will be simple, and you won’t even be able to tell it once had a ball or foot through it.

Did a ball or flying disc fly through your window? Just contact us at Aubin Ace Hardware and we’ll be able to fix the window and any screen that might have broken with it. We offer plenty of window and screen types for you to fix it yourself as well.

If your home is broken by mistake this holiday season, you can use it as an excuse to update your home. Why not repaint the walls if you need to repair a hole? If you need to replace one widow, you can replace them all and update how your home looks from the outside. Accidents can lead to great changes as you find all you can do to make your home amazing.

Contact us at Aubin Ace Hardware for professional help on how to turn an accidental hole into a beautiful remodel. We’ve got all the tools, paint, and equipment you’ll need to update walls and windows, and our professionals will help you find the best tools for your home and your plans.