Four Ways To Find Paint Color Inspiration

Getting to decorate your space is one of the best parts of owning or renting property. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to make an area entirely yours. One of the most significant ways you can leave an impression is paint color. It can be hard to find inspiration amongst all of the shades available at a hardware store in NH. Still, Aubin Hardware is happy to help make your vision come to life! Use these tips to find paint color inspiration and define your vision.



1.) Visit our store

As Benjamin Moore paint dealers, we have no shortage of shades readily available at our store. Sometimes it just takes a quick look at some new colors to jog your brain and bring inspiration into your life. We’re happy to help you find the ideal shade from a swatch or chip that you provide. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help!


2.) Subscribe to media and watch it

There are plenty of home decorating publications and TV shows out there that showcase the best and most creative home decorating moments. You never know what you’ll pick up if you observe some media. We’re not suggesting that you watch TV all day or spend too much on decorating magazines, but there is some merit to seeing what they have available.


3.) Talk to experts

Whether you know home improvement professionals or have people in your life who have an eye for making homes great, there’s value in picking their brains and seeing what they suggest. Discuss with professionals or other people you trust with decorating and see if they have any ideas, suggestions, or expertise you can use to find the best shade for your project.


4.) Know your taste

If you don’t like particular types of colors, you already have a head start on where you can go. Eliminate any possibilities you will dislike by recalling which colors suit your taste and do away with the rest. You’ll be happier with something you love, so start with your heart and go with what you know works best for you.



Finding paint color inspiration seems daunting, but you can make it easier if you take the time to find the best shade for your project. It takes plenty of thinking, and a visit to our hardware store in NH can make a difference. For more information about what we offer, give us a call at (603)-668-5533!