What Your Paint Color Says About You

Why You Should Paint Your InteriorPart of the fun of a new home is designing it to be the perfect fit for you. Of course, the same can be said for remodeling the home you already live in. One of the easiest and most telling ways to make your home reflect you is to choose the right color for the walls. This is because paint the first thing people notice when they enter your home. It’s also the thing you have to look at every day moving forward. The right paint color will tell the world a little about your personality. Here are what these common paint colors, available at your local hardware store, say about you.



Red is for the romantics. It can symbolize love, but when it’s painted on your walls it represents energy and strength. This is a color for the go-getters. If you want a color that shows off your active lifestyle and will motivate to keep that active lifestyle, red is the color for you.


Just how orange falls between red and yellow on the color wheels, it’s meaning reflects that. Orange is passionate and happy. Orange represents enthusiasm. Painting your walls orange shows you have a curious site. It gets you thinking about the world and your role in it.


Yellow is a color for the early birds. The way the sun reflects off it is welcoming, just like you. More subtle and muted shades of yellow have a way of making your home feel mellow and happy, while more vibrant shades of yellow add life and excitement to the walls.


Bringing green into your home is a great way to bring earth energy into your life. Green is known to foster a sense of safety and harmony in those who look at it. On the reverse side, green is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Harmony and wealth? Green would look good on any wall.


Just how green brings earth energy, blue brings water energy. Water energy is water of healing and promotes the ability to go with the flow. Blue is also the color of confidence and loyalty. Pick blue for your walls if you want the world to think you’re chill and also confident in yourself.


Purple was once a color for royalty when they were the only ones who could afford the dye. This isn’t the Middle Ages anymore and picking purple is the best way to bring out your inner royalty. Paint your walls this color to let the world know you know your worth.


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