Everything You Need For Summer Cleanup

As the summer ends, you’ll notice your yard looking a little different than it did at the start of the season. All that hard work you put into prepping your yard in the spring isn’t as noticeable. You can start to see some weeds that you missed while you were enjoying the weather. There may be some patches in the yard from runnings dogs or picnic blankets. This is the last time of year that you can get your yard looking its best before it’s covered in snow. Sometimes your end of summer cleanup will need hardware in Manchester NH. Make sure to keep things in mind as you get your yard ready for the fall.

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The lawn is the most noticeable part of your yard. Whether your grass is green or brown, people are going to notice. The beginning of fall isn’t just the best time to clean up from the summer but also prepare for the winter. Be sure to keep mowing during this time of year. Other ways to get your yard looking and staying healthy is to aerate, fertilize, and fill in the patches. All of these supplies are available where you buy all of your hardware in Manchester NH.


Your walkways are the most likely area of your yard to get overlooked for summer maintenance. Dirt and weeds have started to pop up between the cobblestones for some of you. Meanwhile, others are seeing cracks that may not have been there just a few weeks ago. It’s essential to clear those weeds and fill those cracks before the frost of the winter makes matters worse.


Much like your lawn, your garden may not look as beautiful by the end of summer as it did at the beginning. Summer in New England has such pleasant weather that it’s easy to get distracted from yard work. To clean up your garden from the summer, try going through for one last round of weeding. This is also the perfect time to plant bulbs so they’ll sprout up fresh in the spring.


End of summer cleanup is a chore that needs doing. For those of us that need the hardware in Manchester NH to get the job done, look no further than Aubin Ace Hardware. Contact Aubin at 603.668.5533 or visit them online today.