Keep Your Lawn Thriving This Winter

It’s no secret that people are proud of the home they live in. They like to give the house a quick picker-upper before guests arrive so it looks welcoming. The same concept goes for your lawn. When you’re yard is looking green and full, you feel prouder of your home. When it starts to get patchy, it bothers you a bit. Around this time of year, summer’s heat is waning, and your lawn probably is too. Even if your lawn is still as gorgeous as it was at the start of summer, winter is on its way. Fall is the best time of year to visit a hardware store in NH to start protecting your lawn. Follow these steps, and your lawn will survive the winter to thrive in the spring.


The most basic of lawn care advice is mowing. While most people are good at keeping up with mowing during the summer, not as many keep up in the fall. If you keep watering and mowing your lawn during the fall, it’ll stay healthier longer. For the last mow of the season, drop the blade to its lowest position so the sunlight can feed your grass without any leaves getting in the way.


Aeration helps allow oxygen, fertilizer, and water to reach the roots of your lawn easily. To aerate your yard, you’re quite literally poking holes in the soil. You can get a gas-powered aerator at your local hardware store in NH. This machine will punch holes and remove plugs of dirt so your lawn will be getting the nutrients it needs.


Raking is possibly the most apparent lawn maintenance of the fall. Especially in New England, the leaves change from green to gold and red before plummeting to your yard and blocking out the sunlight. Without sunlight, your grass will quickly turn brown and die. Rake regularly to keep your lawn alive and kicking.


For optimal lawn health, you should fertilize your lawn in the fall. As the temperatures decrease, the blades of grass grow at slower rates. However, the root systems and rhizomes below the soil continue to grow. Fertilizer gives your roots the nutrients they need to sustain themselves through the winter even if the leaves of the grass don’t look too hot.


Filling in your lawn will take care of those bald patches that popped up during the summer. There are two options for filling in bare spots. While you could use sod, this can become a big project. The simpler method is to use lawn seed you can find at any hardware store in NH. By filling in your lawn in the fall, you’re ensuring a more even grow in the spring.


Fall is the best time of year to get ahead of lawn care. With the winter on its way, the cold is going to make it harder to do things like fertilize and fill in your lawn. Visit your local hardware store in NH today to start getting your lawn prepared for the winter. Contact Aubin ACE Hardware at 603.668.5533 or visit them online.