Top 4 Reasons Your Smoke Detector Goes Off

Most parts of your home can go long periods of time without acknowledgment. If you think about it, you probably won’t recall the last time you paid any attention to the light switch in the basement. One of those household necessities people tend to overlook is their smoke detectors. Most people don’t think about their smoke detectors until it’s going off at an intense volume or that dreaded battery beep pops up again. That’s why you should visit your local ACE hardware in Manchester NH to stock up on smoke detector batteries. Here are a few reasons your smoke detector might be going off.


Everybody knows that dreaded sound. It’s a high pitched and irritating beep. It lasts barely a second but goes off once a minute, every minute until you find it. Smoke detectors make this beep to alert the homeowners that it’s battery needs replacing. It’s good form to stay on top of smoke detector battery replacement, so you know it’s working should a fire ever occur.


There’s a good chance that if your smoke detector went off, you’ve made a terrible mistake in your kitchen. Whether you cook on the stovetop, the microwave, or the oven, overcooking can lead to smoke. If you’re cooking sets off the smoke detector, turn off the apparatus immediately and open the windows. Once the smoke has cleared, your sensors will stop ringing.


Some people may love insects, but the vast majority consider them pests. Insects can get into everything and make a mess. Just how you wouldn’t want to find an ant crawling across your bed, you don’t want insects getting into your smoke detectors. If they do, they can crawl around and set off the alarm. You can find pest removal at your local ACE Hardware in Manchester NH.


Finally, there’s fire. This is what smoke detectors were made for. Fire is also the most critical reason to check your smoke detectors for function regularly. You don’t want the day to come where your home experiences a fire and your smoke detector doesn’t trigger to warn you in time.

Keep safe and make sure your smoke detectors are working. For ACE Hardware in Manchester NH, contact Aubin ACE Hardware at 603.668.5533 or visit them online.