Everything You Need for Decorating

They say that this time of year is the most wonderful, and with holiday cheer spreading like wildfire, it’s easy to see why. People are getting more and more ready for the Christmas season, giving them a chance to relax and enjoy the holiday festivities. One thing that can be fun for the whole family is decorating your house. It allows you to show the entire neighborhood just how much you love this time of year. While it’s easy to want to run outside and get started, first you need to get the proper hardware in Manchester NH. Before you begin untangling the lights, make sure you have the following tools to help with decorating.


Once you have the lights ready to string from the rooftops, you’re going to need a way to keep them in place. One method for putting up Christmas lights is a staple-gun. It’ll keep them right where you want them until you’re ready to take them down. However, another method would be to buy hooks from your local hardware stores to string the lights from your gutters. This saves you from damaging your shingles.


You’re not going to get very far off the ground without a ladder. It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people are missing this piece of hardware in Manchester NH. Depending on how tall your home is, you may need more than the step ladder you keep in your kitchen to reach the top shelf.

Power Cords

Whether your decorations are inside or outside, a power cord is a vital piece of the puzzle. For outdoor decorating, make sure your power strip is waterproof and won’t short circuit. You’ll need enough power cords for all your light ends to fit without overpowering the cable.


Not everybody will need a saw for their holiday decorating. This tool is for those of you who like to go out into the woods and chop down their own tree. While fake trees are popular choices for those with allergies, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment to chopping and decorating a tree of your own.


Once you have your tree on the ground, the next step is getting it rigged up to the roof of your car. To do this, you can use bungee cords. They’ll hook right onto your luggage racks and keep your tree in place the whole ride home.

Before you get into the nitty-gritty of Christmas decorating, you need to make sure you have the right hardware in Manchester NH. For indoor and outdoor design, you’ll need a different set of tools. For tools in your area, stop by Aubin ACE Hardware. Contact us at 603-668-5533 or visit us online.