New Year Fixer-Upper Resolutions

The countdown has officially begun. With the other December holidays out of the way, all we have to look forward to is the New Year. It’s around this time of year that people start taking inventory of what they accomplished throughout the year, and what they hope to achieve for next year. Some of those will be personal resolutions like going to the gym or eating healthier. Some of the bigger resolutions will involve your home. Now is the perfect time to create some New Year Fixer-Upper Resolutions to complete around your house. Once you have the right tools in Manchester NH, these resolutions will be easy to check off the bucket list.

Paint Everything

You’ll often hear, “New Year, New You.” You may like the sound of “New Year, New Room” even better. Painting is a simple way to make the ordinary feel brand new again. Over time, it can get boring to look at the same color walls. Painting can revitalize the energy in your house and get you out of your routine.

Let There Be Light

They say not to stare straight into the sun, but the same isn’t always said for the lighting fixtures in your home. Sometimes they can catch your eye for all the wrong reasons. Many homes have the same fixtures they’ve had since the ’90s or earlier. There’s no time like the New Year to update the lighting in your home. Pick up some tools in Manchester NH and make your home bright.

Refresh Your Doors

Everyday wear and tear can take a toll on the doors of your home. Especially if you have pets, your doors can get scratched and dirty in no time. Sometimes all you’ll need is a fresh coat of paint. Still, when you’re making your home over to welcome the New Year, why not go the extra step with brand new doors? New doors to go with the new paint will feel like a brand new house.

With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, there’s no time like the present to plan for the future. No rule says your New Year’s resolution has to focus on you. Why not mix things up and add a few Fixer-Upper Resolutions to your list. All you need is some tools in Manchester NH, and you’re holding your future in the palm of your hands. Contact Aubin ACE Hardware at 603-668-5533 or visit us online.