DIY Deck Staining Color Tips

Although New Englanders are flocking outdoors with the warmer weather, a homeowners job is never done.  The springtime checklist typically contains numerous to-dos such as hedge trimming, preparing gardens, power washing the house, fertilizing, staining the deck, and so on.  Now imagine if we had a solution for you to help free up some of that time year after year.  Sound too good to be true? With Benjamin Moore, NH springtime deck maintenance can be a breeze.  Whether you prefer to paint or stain or deck, durability and style are key to endless enjoyable gatherings with family and friends.


Choosing the Perfect Stain

According to the experts at Benjamin Moore, when it comes to the impact stain will have on your deck’s design, understanding opacity is essential.  Defined, opacity is the degree to which you can see the natural grain of the wood.  The following are the five categories of stain opacity:

  • CLEAR: With no added color, clear stain will showcase the natural beauty of your wood the best.
  • TRANSLUCENT: With a slight tone of color, translucent stain will still show the beauty of the wood beneath.
  • SEMI TRANSLUCENT: The next level in intensity, semi translucent is a bit bolder although most of the natural wood can be seen.
  • SEMI SOLID: Once you reach this level, deep rich shades are incorporated into the stain.  Although a hint of the natural wood can be seen, this stain will help hide imperfections in grain and texture.
  • SOLID: Providing the most significant, and most coverage to imperfections, solid stains will only allow the natural textures to peek through.

Thus, the first step to choosing stain for your home is deciding on the overall impact you want to achieve.


To Color or Not to Color

Many homeowners take the deck as an added opportunity to showcase some color around their home.  However, when it comes to selecting a color, choosing the wrong one can create a vibe that you potentially will regret.  It’s advised to choose earth tones or tones that are showcased along the trim of your home.  Whether deep shades of greens or lighter hues of beige match best, a unified look will ensure the best highlight for your home.


Whatever choice you make when it comes to staining your deck, longevity starts with preparation. In combination with stain prep products, your wood surfaces will be adequately prepared to handle the upcoming season.  Furthermore, with Benjamin Moore, NH decks gain the resilience they need to maintain their integrity over the years.  Thus, each season will no longer require hours of maintenance.  Stop by Aubin Ace Hardware today to choose from a vast selection of Benjamin Moore exterior stains.  Located in Manchester, NH the experts at Ace are here to help with any questions you have.