Custom Window Shade Cutting at Ace Hardware NH

At some time or another, shopping for blinds or shades for your home is an inevitable task.  Faced with hundreds of choices, the process can prove to be overwhelming.  Beyond the decision of blind or shade, fabric, or vinyl, you have the obstacle of fitting the shade perfectly into your window.  At Ace Hardware NH, our team of experts strive to make your life easy.  That is why we offer custom window shade cutting on site.  Along with our broad range of services, we provide knowledge.  Here’s a helpful article to assist in your window treatment adventure.


Fabric or Vinyl? That is the Question.

Although we provide cutting services on site for vinyl window shades, we’d recommend fabric window treatments when possible.  With the incorporation of fabric shades, you’ll bring a decorative yet functional element to any room in your home.  The first step when making the choice, however, comes with determining your need.  Are you looking for room darkening solutions, privacy, or decoration? Perhaps you require all of the above.  Whatever the case may be, deciding your ultimate need will put you in the right direction to choosing the ideal shade.


Roller Shades are Versatile

Similar to a traditional shade, roller shades are discreet yet decorative.  Although some roller shades can be a single shade of vinyl material, many are created with fabric.  Thus, this type of shade can add a touch of color, or be the bold statement your room may be missing.  Another added benefit of this shade is that it can be rolled up, completely out of sight.  By having a window that is free from obstruction, you’re allowing in the maximum amount of sunlight possible.  An excellent solution for rooms with abundant flora. 

However, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution, go with the roll-up window shade.  Also known as the Swedish shade, this type of shade doesn’t incorporate much fabric, if any, keeping costs low.


Valances for the Win

Regardless of which type of shade you decide to go with, the addition of a valance can complete any look.  The incorporate of a small amount of fabric along the top of the windowsill is meant to be a purely decorative element.  Thus, if you opt for the single color vinyl shade, you’re creative freedom and style still has plenty of room to voice itself.



We hope you found this article helpful when searching for your new window treatments! However, if you find yourself stuck with roll-up shades that don’t quite fit, remember Ace Hardware NH.  Simply stop in with your measurements and a member of our staff will gladly do the rest for you!