Ten Tools That Every Electrician Needs

If you’re new to the electrical industry, we’re here to help. As experts in the tools that NH electricians need, the team at Aubin Ace Hardware has created this helpful top ten list of essential tools that every electrician should have!


Linesman pliers

Used for gripping, twisting wires together, bending, and cutting wire, linesman pliers are one of the top must-haves for electricians. Distinguished by their flat gripping surface, these pliers have a shorter flat surface which is useful on the job. Another handy feature is the ability to strip wire without damaging the conductors.


Wire Strippers

Although linesman pliers can get the job down, wire strippers are the more common go-to for stripping electrical insulation from wires. Whether you’re removing the protective coating to replace or repair wiring, or for connection purposes; this portable handheld tool is one of the essential tools for electricians.



Another set of NH tools that are imperative for several industries is the screwdriver. However, the insulated screwdriver is arguably the single most common tool for electricians. Designed with a thick layer of protective non-conductive material, insulated screwdrivers offer protection to the worker while preventing damage to delicate electronic parts.


Electrical Testers

Used to measure a variety of electrical parameters, electrical testers come in handy for a variety of instances to see if electricity is present. For example, testers can be used to assess live wires and circuit breakers, as well as electrical panels and power transformers.


Ohm Meter

This instrument helps electricians to measure electrical resistance. This measurement becomes vital in identifying potentially harmful components and adverse outcomes.


Voltage Indicator

Another resource for testing if a wire is live or not, is a voltage indicator. Measuring both alternating and direct voltages, voltage indicators can also be used to test circuit breakers.


Utility Knife

Not only does an electrician regularly cut wire, but packing as well. Whether they’re hanging new lights or running wires for a new appliance, a sturdy tool that can easily cut through tough packaging will save time and frustrations.


Cordless Drill

Enabling efficiency, a cordless drill allows you to move about the workspace without the limitation of cord length. The one power tool used by every electrician, drills come in a wide range of sizes suited for small to large jobs.



Perfect for the demolition of existing structures, Sawzalls can cut through plaster and lumber with ease. When reworking existing wiring, a Sawzall is an ideal tool to get straight to the source.


Tool pouch

Now that you’re prepared for the job, you’ll need a way to transport all these tools! NH electricians utilize a range of methods when it comes to tool transportation. However, a tool pouch is the way to go. This method enables you to work with ease with all of your tools easily accessible.


For all of your NH tools, stop into Aubin Ace Hardware today. Conveniently located and staffed with a team of experts, we can help you find the tools you need to operate with efficiency. Stop by today and leave the frustrations at the door.