Benjamin Moore 2020 Color of the Year

As a Benjamin Moore paint dealer, the team at Ace Aubin Hardware is excited to announce the recent release of the 2020 top color of the year, color, and palette trends. Because each year brings new excitement to the interior of our homes, this is always an inspirational time for those looking for a change. From subtle to bold, 2020 has a bit of something for everyone.


First Light 2102-70

“A fresh palette. A revitalized spirit. A soft rosy hue blooming with potential” Benjamin Moore’s 2020 color of the year is First Light 2102-70. This refreshing alternative to white and beige has many homeowners excited. The airy feeling of First Light compliments spaces, both small and large. Whether you’re looking for all-over color or a new life to your accent wall, First Light has a reputation for playing well with other colors.

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2020 Color Palette Trends

Along with First Light, Benjamin Moore release the overall color palette that individuals can expect to see more of in the upcoming year. Below is a brief description of the additional nine hues.


White Heron. Another addition to the off-white collection, White Heron is inherently sophisticated and endlessly versatile with its clean, cool, and refining properties.

Golden Straw. Versatile seems to be the theme with this upcoming season. This golden yellow is rich, but not overly saturated. Think of a cross between honey and cream; you’ve found Golden Straw.

Thunder. This sophisticated gray hue has the perfect balance of working well on its own or integrating seamlessly with other colors in the Affinity palette.

Crystalline. Another member of the Affinity palette, Crystalline is the perfect blends of silvery jade combined into one beautifully versatile, yet subtly invigorating color.

Cushing Green. If you’re looking for a color with a bit more boldness, Cushing Green is for you. As part of the Historic Color Collection, this color is rich in tradition, refined, and elegant.

Blue Danube. The second bold color in the palette, Blue Danube brings illumination to spaces with its pure, yet extraordinary color. Deep and exciting, don’t dismiss this one too quickly!

Oxford Gray. Like the perfect pair of faded jeans, Oxford Gray will bring any room that sense of comfort and warmth.

Windmill Wings. This playful blue is the perfect complement to any classic color, and is a sure way to add animation to your dull space.

Buxton Blue. This easy-going blue-green is perfect for any gathering room. The soft hue brings illumination and compliments other bold colors with ease.


If your home could use a bit of life, stop by your local Benjamin Moore paint dealer, Aubin Ace Hardware. Our team of experts is always on-site and available to assist you in your color selections!