Tips on Shoveling Your Wood Deck Without Causing Damage

Winter is here, and it arrived with a bang. Most of New Hampshire is buried under at least one foot of snow after this week’s early winter storm. Although the kids are outdoors loving every minute, homeowners are digging out. From driveways to walkways, roofs to decks, the work is underway, and Ace Hardware NH is here to help.

Shoveling a wood deck can be easy or disastrous, depending on how you go about the task. However, by following these easy to follow tips, you can peace of mind that come spring your deck will be in perfect condition! Well, it will at least be in the same condition it was before the snow and ice.


No thank you metal

Many homeowners opt for a metal shovel over plastic. However, this choice when it concerns to your wood deck may not be the best one. Sure, a metal shovel will provide you with a clearer walking path. However, that clear path comes from direct and aggressive contact from shovel to surface. Metal is more likely to scratch the surface of your deck, leaving marks and causing unwanted damage.

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Parallel not across

When shoveling, be sure to go with the board, not against it. Not only will this make the chore a bit easier, but it will keep your wood intact. Going against the boards may cause splintering and other gauges into the surface. If the snow is light and fluffy, use a broom!

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The consequences of rock salt

Choosing the right salt, if you need to use one, is imperative. If you’re not sure which products are wood-safe, ask the team at Ace Hardware NH! Remember always to avoid calcium chloride. Here are a few consequences you could face when using rock salt:

  • Discoloration of natural and stained wood finishes
  • Surface cracking due to dried out wood boards
  • Rusted or corroded hardware
  • Scratches on the surface of the wood


Let it go, let it go

Unless the use of your deck is a necessity during the winter months, let the snow be. Contrary to common belief, a few feet of snow left on the deck will not cause damage. In fact, damage is more likely to occur by shoveling and treating a wood deck than by leaving it alone. Allowing the snow to melt away naturally is always the best choice, especially if you prepared and coated the wood with a waterproof sealant prior to the winter.

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Visit Ace Hardware NH today for all of your winter supplies. Our team is here to assist you and answer any questions you may have!