How to Choose the Perfect Sander for Your DIY Projects

When it comes to at-home carpentry projects, choosing the right tools from your Manchester, NH Ace Hardware, is crucial to obtaining the results you’re looking for. From drills to sanders, the options are plentiful. So how does one go about choosing the best tool for the project at hand? In this article, we’ll take a look specifically at sanders.

Sanding is a common task when it comes to both carpentry and woodworking projects around the home. Whether refinishing old window frames, repainting cabinets or doors, or building closet shelving units, sanders help achieve the desired finish. However, different types of sanders provide different results. Here is a look at the most common sanders provided by Black + Decker.

Finishing Sander

Ideal for intricate items, finishing sanders are perfect for furniture legs, tight corners, and decorative wood elements. Furthermore, this type of sander, sometimes referred to as a palm sander, will help to get your surface clean and smooth for painting or staining. Mini yet powerful, finishing sanders are suitable for any level of DIYer.

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Random Orbital Sander

If your project is focused on larger areas, such as refinishing doors or refurbishing old furniture, a random orbital sander may be the best choice. Powering through areas on the first pass, this sander removes old paint or stain quickly. Typically, random orbital sanders come equipped with a ventilation system, so there’s less cleanup involved.

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Floor Sander

Although many homeowners will call in a professional, some DIYers will tackle their wood floors on their own. If you’re one of those, renting a floor sander will be your saving grace. This professional-grade sander can bring old, worn wood floors back to life. However, special care is needed as these powerful machines can gouge the wood, leaving you with a more significant problem!

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Just as important as choosing the proper sander is selecting the right sandpaper grit. Rated by number, sandpaper is generalized into the falling categories:

  • 60 – 100 grit is rough and best for heavy sanding and stripping on surfaces that need smoothing
  • 80 -120 grit is less course and best for smoothing surfaces while removing small imperfections in the wood
  • 120 – 140 grit is smooth and provides a fine finishing to wood
  • 300+ grit is considered super fine sandpaper

No matter what your job requires, Ace Hardware has the tools Manchester NH DIYers need to get their job done right! Stop by and visit us today. Our team of experts is always happy to assist you with tools selections best for the job at hand!