Prepare Your Deck For Summer With These Simple Steps

It’s that time of year again, and families are headed outdoors after a long winter. However, heading outdoors means spring cleaning and preparing your outdoor living space for the months ahead. At Ace Hardware NH, we have the supplies homeowners need to make any DIY job an easy one.

For instance, let’s consider your deck. If you haven’t invested in composite decking, chances are your wood is going to need a little TLC before taking out the furniture and inviting friends and family over. From shovel scrapes to natural wear and tear, worn wood decks can be unsightly. With the help of Benjamin Moore and UGL, as well as specialized tools, springtime deck maintenance can be a breeze. Whether you prefer to paint or stain your deck, the process begins with preparation.


In this article, we’re providing you with a few easy steps to begin your outdoor living journey this season.



Step 1 – Debris and chip removal

Although it may be tempting to grab the brush and go to work, you’ll need to start by removing any debris. Winter, and even spring storms, can leave behind twigs, dirt, and leaves that will ultimately scratch the surface of the wood if not removed. Beyond scratches, wet leaves may also lead to wood rot.

This is also the perfect time to grab scrapers and gently chip away any peeling stain. If you have a multi-tool handy, this is the ideal tool to handle most deck preparation needs. Be sure to pay attention to the slivers of wood as well. Carefully remove and sand these areas down to avoid future distortion.



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Step 2 – Wood preparation

Now that you have a clear surface, it’s time to clean the wood. With several products on the market to choose from, it’s always best to consult with your trusted team of professionals to ensure the perfect result. Once you’ve determined the right product, grab your scrub brush, and get to work. If you have a large deck, a pressure washer may prove more efficient during this step. Carefully hitting the entire surface, gently brush away mold and mildew as well as any remaining loose stain.




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Step 3 – Staining or painting

Once the wood is completely dry, it’s time to stain or stain your deck. Whether you opt for a brush or pad with a reservoir tank, you’ll want to take your time to avoid uneven application and streaks. Depending on the brand and color, a few coats may be required. Be sure to read the manufacturers recommendations before beginning this process.




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Now that the work is over sit back and enjoy! Remember to visit our team at Aubin Ace Hardware NH for all of your outdoor living needs!