Upgrading Your Kitchen Without the Expense of Remodeling

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They say a kitchen can sell a home.  Even if you’re not considering listing your home on the market, an old, outdated kitchen can quickly become a deterrent for friends and family gatherings. Although tempting, a complete kitchen remodel can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, this is not in the budget for most families these days. However, with the right tools from your NH hardware store, you can give your kitchen a brand new feel. NH tools, a little elbow grease and dedication combined with these DIY tips will have your guests in awe before you know it!



  • A fresh coat of paint changes an entire room

With the simple task of repainting your walls, you can change the appearance of your entire kitchen. Understanding colors and how they provide the illusion of space or create a warm, comfortable vibe is key. As Benjamin Moore Paint dealers, you can count on our team at Ace Hardware to help you select the right colors for your desired outcome.



  • It’s time to part ways with your sink

After years of use, chances are, your sink no longer has the radiant shine it once did. By replacing your kitchen sink, you’ll once again have that new look. Besides, the available models these days provide more stylish options that you may have never considered! If your sink is still in good condition, consider swapping the faucet for a new look and feel.


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  • Brighten up the room with new lights

Brighter rooms always seem bigger and cleaner, which are desirable features in a kitchen. With the addition of new light fixtures, you can easily brighten the room at an affordable cost. There’s no need for hefty electrical bills and rewiring when the full range of designer options today will fit seamlessly into your existing wiring.



  • Update cabinet handles and drawer pulls

Simply changing the hardware on your cabinets will give them an entirely new look and feel. This task is simple to do and budget-friendly.



  • Install a backsplash

A backsplash in a kitchen is not only stylish, but it’s functional. Forget about dull paint from scrubbing the pasta sauce stains from the wall. With a backsplash, you can easily modernize your kitchen while giving yourself an easy to maintain surface.


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  • Find one thing to splurge

If your budget allows, choose one big-ticket item to upgrade in your kitchen. For example, a new oven or fridge will make the room feel entirely different; even it’s the only thing upgraded.




If you’re considering a complete kitchen remodel or a budget-friendly DIY upgrade, at Ace Hardware, we have the tools NH homeowners need! With decades of experience, our team of experts is here to assist you through the process.  Stop by and visit us today at 762 Mast Road in Manchester, NH!