DIY Summer Project Ideas


Summer is time to enjoy the great outdoors. The days are long, and the sun is shining, and being outdoors feels good after the long New England winters. However, spending more time in the yard may have you realizing that the other seasons weren’t so kind to your outdoor living space. With a little help from your team at Ace Hardware NH and these fun DIY projects, you can transform your outdoors with ease and affordability.

Here are a few of our favorite projects and the tools NH homeowners will need to make them!




Every welcoming yard needs somewhere to sit, and a bench is a perfect solution. To liven up your yard, try making a tree bench. A tree bench is a bench built around the base of a tree without harming the tree. It allows you to sit in the shade and use the tree trunk as a backrest. For this, you’ll need plenty of 2×4’s, a tape measure, a level, a saw, hammer and nails or a drill, and some screws.



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Raised Garden Bed

This one is perfect for adding color and life to your yard. A raised garden bed is a built-in flower bed that can help prevent erosion. Perfect for yards with problematic soil, raised garden beds are fairly simple to build and provide years of return.

To make your raised bed, start by finding a level area. Materials include wood, a saw, hammer and nails, and plenty of dirt and fertilizer to feed the veggies or flowers you plant. If chipmunks or other rodents are common in your yard, you may also want to consider fencing to keep them out.


raised garden bed


Decorative Planters

Planters come in various shapes and sizes. Best for larger plants that will overtake the garden or items that are sure to be eaten by wildlife, planters add charisma to any outdoor living area. When building your own planter, research various types of wood to decide which will best suit your situation. Make sure it’s a solid enough wood that dirt, fertilizer, and water won’t cause rot. Have a hammer and nails on hand, some rope if you want the planter to hang, and some stain to weatherize the planters.


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Paint Anything and Everything

Painting is both a creative and fun way to give things a new look. For instance, old wooden furniture, or even the foundation of your home are great examples. Painting shows off your personality while adding vibrancy to your yard. Plus, all you need is a color paint of your choosing, a paintbrush or roller, and something to paint. Fun and easy!



Summer means spending time outdoors. With these four DIY projects, you can make the most of your outdoor living space in no time. Stop by Ace Hardware NH today to get started. Our team is here to help make your next project a success!