Working From Home Eye Health: Your Bulbs Make a Difference

While many people continue to work remotely from home, the side effects may be setting in. With makeshift workspaces that are not ergonomically set up to improper lighting, we’re all doing our very best with the situation presented. However, with a quick trip to Ace Hardware in Manchester, NH, you can fix some of those problems!

Let’s start with your eye health. Chances are, your sitting behind a screen for hours on end. Probably longer than what you’re used to (or maybe not). Either way, as we already know, the glare from screens is harmful to your eyes. Now, combine the glare with inadequate lighting – double whammy.

Here’s a look at the different types of lighting with their pros and cons.


Fluorescent bulbs

In general, you want to avoid fluorescent lighting. The harsh bright white lighting is not only harmful to the eye, but after time, it’s known to give people headaches. That said, manufacturers have caught onto this and released a warm white fluorescent CFL, which is an excellent replacement.

Although the updated versions still emit a small amount of UV rays, it’s much lower than traditional or classic fluorescent lighting options. However, the warmest CFL works at less than 3500K, which, although better for the eye, is not optimal for work concentration.


Incandescent bulbs

Like fluorescent, the incandescent bulb emits some of the highest UV rays. In a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, there was a 12% increase in eye disease caused by exposures to cool, bright, and fluorescent lighting. If you’re opting for incandescent bulbs, be sure to choose warm bulbs as they’ll release less UV than white.


LED bulbs

As the most energy-efficient option, LED lighting is the preferred choice for many homeowners. With a range of lighting and a dimmable option, LED bulbs leave a lot of control and options in your power. Better though, LED bulbs produce no UV rays.


Full-spectrum lighting

Simulating the natural sunlight, full-spectrum bulbs manufacturers promote this product as the at-home workers win. Said to enhance readability, color perception, and mood, they will cost you upfront but may be worth trying.


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At Ace Hardware Manchester, NH, we have the wide array of lightbulbs your home needs. Whether your upgrading old fixtures or adding new, our team of experienced professionals are here to help you through the process.  Visit us today at 762 Mast Road and get your eye health back on the right track!