10 Reasons You’ll Search For A “Hardware Store Near Me”

At Aubin Ace Hardware, we’ve heard and seen it all. In fact, there is very little that surprises us anymore! Which, as a homeowner is great news for you. When you find yourself searching online for a “hardware store near me” there is often a DIY project underhand. While having a go at it on your own is great, most also need advice from a reliable source. That’s us!

With decades of experience, our team has thoughtfully created the following list of the top ten reasons people come to see us! As you read through, we hope you remember that you’re not alone and that we truly have seen it all.


  1. Your propane tank died in the middle of grilling.

It happens. Hopefully sooner than later, but either way, we’re here for you. Ace Hardware fills tanks of all sizes!


  1. New window shades are great, but you didn’t purchase the right size.

With a variety of in-house options, shopping for custom window treatments has never been easier! Don’t worry, we can help with purchases outside of our store too.


  1. There is a horrid smell in your house. Oh, it’s your carpets.

Outdoor elements, shoes in the house, kids, pets, spills – the list goes on and on. If your carpets are less than fresh, stop in to rent one of our steam cleaners!


  1. Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to stain the long neglected deck.

Ah the joys of owning a home. However, we make staining your deck a breeze with multiple colors and all the tools you’ll need!


  1. Leaky faucets are never good.

An ignored leak will turn ugly fast. We have the supplies and tools you need to resolve the problem before you face even bigger ones!


  1. Upgrading light fixtures means the chance to save money.

Not only are new light fixtures pleasing to the eye, but they can also help the budget! Ace Hardware has a wide selection of bulb options to help you see and save!


  1. Don’t worry, even the best lawns get grubs.

Your secret is safe. We’ll send you along with all the lawn care products you need to eliminate these destructive critters.


  1. It’s Father’s Day and you have NO idea what Dad wants.

We got you. Power tools. Need we say more?


  1. Long overdue, it’s time to paint those dingy, dirty walls.

As a Benjamin Moore paint dealer, you can be confident that our experts will help turn your dull space into one of your dreams.


  1. Your vehicle isn’t running quite as it should.

Power steering fluid, oil, you name it, we got it.



No matter what brings you searching for a “hardware store near me,” our team at Aubin Ace Hardware is here to help. From expert tips to helping you choose the best materials for the task, you can have peace of mind when you visit our team.

Whether big or small, if you have a home project underway, be sure to stop in and visit us today!