Ace Hardware NH Is Replacing Windows in 10 Steps

If the recent storm has you scrambling to find a “hardware store near me,” look no further. The team at Ace Hardware NH is here to help with all of your winter needs, especially those broken windows. As the one element between your warm home and harsh winter weather, it’s imperative to have fully functional windows.

However, even if you thought you were prepared, Mother Nature has a way of throwing hail balls at the weakest points of a glass pane. With the recent storm that passed through the area, you may be nodding in agreement. If that’s the case, this article is for you! With these ten steps, you can repair your windows back to an optimal state in no time at all.

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  1. The first step in window repair is to remove the broken glass pane. Wearing thick work gloves and googles is imperative to safety. Be sure to work in an area that is easily cleaned should small pieces of glass fall to the floor. You’ll also want to have a thick bag or barrel handy to place the pieces of glass that you’re removing.
  2. After the glass has been removed, you’ll want to move onto scraping away the putting around the frame. Using a putty knife or chisel, you can easily remove old putty. By doing so, you’ll loosen the remaining glass pane for easy removal.
  3. Some windows use nail or clips to help hold the pane in place. If this is the case, these elements will need to be removed next. Continue to carefully remove pieces of glass as they loosen.
  4. Next, smoothing the area around the broken pane with sandpaper will help remove any remaining putty. Once all elements are removed, wiping the pane with a wet cloth will ensure a smooth surface.
  5. Measure the length and width of the window frame to ensure a proper fit for the new glass.
  6. Seal your frame and allow enough time for it to dry completely.
  7. Apply putty around the frame to hold the new glass in place.
  8. Gently press your new pane of glass into place.
  9. Reinsert any nails or clips that you removed in step #3.
  10. Apply a second layer of putty, smooth, and allow the compound to dry.

If you’ve read this article but still find yourself searching for a “hardware store near me,” our team has you covered, literally. Head down to Ace Hardware NH today, and let our team assist in all of your window repair needs. From screens to storm windows, we have the technology your home needs.

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