Rekey or Replace? Your NH Hardware Store Has the Answer.

The real estate market is booming, which means many families are making the move. If you’ve ever moved, you already know that one of the best moments is when the agent passes your new keys from their hand to yours. This is when it’s official. You are a proud new homeowner. However, as the number one hardware store in NH, our team at Aubin ACE Hardware also knows that this moment is often one of great anxiety.

On top of everything else the day holds, you now hold the keys to your home. Keys that have passed from one family to the next. Thus, you are faced with a far too often overlooked decision – should you rekey or replace the locks? Here is a closer look at the two options.


Replacing the locks.

Chances are, your new home is secure upon purchase. However, among the excitement, taking the time to focus on the locks is a must. Not knowing the previous owners, who they handed keys to, and how many are still circulating can cause risk to your belongings and safety. Never mind the anxiety that may come along with this thought.

Replacing the locks is just that – calling in a local locksmith to remove and completely replace the entire locking mechanism. Although this is not a difficult job in most cases, it can be time consuming and costly.


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Rekeying at your local NH hardware store.

And then there is the option of rekeying. Unlike replacing, this method allows the current locking mechanism to remain in place. Instead, your locksmith will remove and replace the tumblers (or key pins) with new ones. By changing out the tumbler, old keys will no longer work. Thus, you have a solution that provides peace of mind knowing exactly where and how many keys are lying about.



Which option is best?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to replacing or rekeying the locks of your home. While rekeying is typically the more cost-effective path, replacing sometimes provides greater peace of mind and provides an opportunity to update the style.


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If you’ve recently moved, it’s time to consider stopping into your local hardware store in NH, Aubin Ace Hardware. For decades our team has helped homeowners feel at ease with superior rekeying services. For more information, stop by and visit us at 762 Mast Road in Manchester or give us a call at (603) 668-5533.