NH Tools Needed For Screen Door Repair

With the warm season approaching, it’s time to break out the window and door screens! It’s normal to find small tears or holes in the screen after winter storage. But, there’s no need to buy a whole new screen when you can fix it yourself! The professionals at Aubin Ace Hardware can help you pick out the right tools and screen for the job. Here are the basic steps for a screen door repair. 


NH Tools: What You Need


  • Roller Tool
  • Mesh screen 
  • Screen spline
  • Screwdriver
  • Utility Knife
  • Scissors


You probably have a few of these in your home already. But, if you need some more tools in NH, Aubin Hardware can help you pick them out. Make sure you have enough supplies to fit the size of your screen door. You don’t want to run out halfway through!


Step One: Remove The Door

If your screen door has been in storage for the previous seasons, great! Then all you’ll have to do is take it out of storage. But, if it’s hanging up, time to remove the door. If your screen door has a handle, use the screwdriver to take it off. This will give you easier access to the mesh screen.


Step Two: Remove The Spline

If the spline has come loose, it can create large gaps in the screen for pests. Use the screwdriver to loosen the spline and pull it out of the perimeter of the screen door. It’s okay to throw it out since the new spline you purchased will help keep the screen in place better.


Step Three: Screen

Now it’s time to remove the old screen. With the spline removed, it should be loose and ready to be thrown away. Rolling out the new screen is easy. Roll it out to the entire length of the door and make sure to leave a few extra inches on each side. Use a utility knife or pair of scissors to cut what you need off of the roll. 


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Step Four: Roller Tool

The roller tool is essential for this job! It will make finishing the screen much easier than alternatives. Push the screen into the right side of the door, and then the left. Then, roll the screen into the top of the door, and then the bottom. Pre-rolling the screen before applying the spline will help the project go smoothly.


Step Five: Spline TIme

Start at the bottom of the right side of the door. Wedge the spline into the corner. It might take a bit of effort for it to stay. Once the spline is set, work your way up from the bottom of the door to the top. Make sure the screen and spline are tight and not loose, so the screen doesn’t sag or fall out again.


Step Six: 

Once the spline is fully around the edges of the screen, you can trim the excess. Use the utility knife to cut the excess screen. Be careful not to pull on the spline or screen too hard, you don’t want it to fall out!


Aubin Hardware: For Tools in NH 

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