How to Make A Room Look Bigger With Benjamin Moore Paint

Now that it’s summer, many homeowners are ready to change their environment and make the most of the season. What’s a better way to renew your living areas than a fresh, new coat of Benjamin Moore paint from Aubin Hardware? Also, if you have a living room or bedroom that feels cramped, color can help alter your perception of the room’s size and shape. While you might not be remodeling the room’s actual size, it will feel like the room is brand new. Thus, it’s a budget way to renovate without the commitment of a demolition project.

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Perception of Space

As people spend more time inside than ever before, whether it’s at home or work, interior design is an essential piece of our well-being. Color plays a massive role in changing the mood and feel of a space. It not only can make a room feel brighter and more prominent, or cozy and small but also affect the brain! Although, it’s not as scary as it sounds. Warm colors tend to provoke excitement and cheerfulness, while cool tones evoke the feeling of security and calmness.

Color: Light versus Dark

So, we’ve gone over how color can change the way spaces feel. Now, how do the shade and tint of a room affect our perception of the room? White or very light-colored rooms tend to make a living space feel larger than it is. For example, a small white bedroom with lots of natural light will feel bigger to the eye due to the light reflecting off of the walls. On the other hand, black and darker rooms make it look smaller. Thus, the darker tones “contract” the living space so it can feel cozy and welcoming rather than calm and airy. But that isn’t to say light-colored rooms are better than darker-colored rooms. Natural light and shape play into this as well. Sometimes you have to break the “rules” to find something that works for you.

Finish: Glossy or Matte

Matte paint is a flat type of finish that light rays scatter evenly across. Therefore, it will equally lighten an area without any reflections. But, there are some pros and cons. Matte paint does cover flaws in the wall’s surface well but is incredibly difficult to clean. It holds dirt and dust well, and cleaning matte paint can ruin the finish. Thus, it’s better to avoid this type of paint in high-traffic areas such as a kitchen or bathroom.

Glossy paint is a highly reflective finish with many layers of oil or acrylic. This type of paint allows light to bounce and reflect off its surface back towards the viewer instead of scattering across the surface. Unlike matte paint, glossy is easy to clean. Although, it does show off imperfections on every surface.

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Benjamin Moore Paint at Aubin Hardware

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