Top Five Gardening Tools Manchester NH


Gardening is a popular hobby and source of relaxation for many people. What’s better than seeing your favorite perennials blooming year after year with your hard work? Or being able to harvest a plethora of vegetables after watching them grow from tiny seeds? At Aubin Hardware, we carry an ample supply of hand and power tools in Manchester, NH, that are perfect for all of your gardening needs. Therefore, here are our top five gardening tools you can buy this season.


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Many gardeners know the importance of wearing gloves. Many shrubs and flowers are beautiful yet full of thorns! Thus, it’s necessary to protect your hands to prevent injury. Also, when you are using garden tools, gloves protect you from friction and pressure while working. You want to protect yourself and stay safe!


Digging Shovel


A sharp and round digging shovel is imperative if you want to plant anything bigger than your hand. Therefore, these types of shovels are perfect for large plants, shrubs, and small trees. Although, the size and length of the shovel vary depending on the brand. But, a brand new digging shovel is the perfect tool to handle heavy soil with ease!




Gone are the days of struggling to cut branches. When choosing the right pair of loppers, it’s better to invest in a good pair. Inexpensive loppers can be dull and result in a lot of strain on the body. With proper leverage, most loppers can easily cut branches up to 1.5 inches thick!


Garden Hoe


If you’re going to be moving a lot of soil, you need a garden hoe. This tool allows you to remove unwanted roots, dig trenches, and weed large areas with ease. Also, a good quality garden hoe can cut through tough, dry soil with ease.


Soil Knife (Hori Hori Knife)


Have you ever heard of this one before? A soil knife is a multipurpose tool that varies in length. The blade is sharp, and one side is serrated. It’s perfect for sawing, digging, and as a measuring device for bulb planting. Thus, a soil knife may be the perfect addition to your collection of garden tools in Manchester!


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