Current Trends in Kitchen Hardware


Updating your kitchen and bath hardware can be a daunting task. There are different options, sizes, finishes, and more to think about. If you just want to make one stop, come by Aubin Ace Hardware in New Hampshire. Our showroom is full of modern hardware that will look great in your home. Here are the trending home hardware styles for 2021!


ace hardware New Hampshire


Trending Finishes


Stainless Steel is one of the top trending faucet finishes right now. Matte stainless steel goes with almost any color design in your home. Thus, if you ever paint the walls or want to upgrade your decor, you won’t need to worry about the hardware!


Brushed Nickel is the second most popular finish for 2021. If you want a softer, more subtle look, this might be the winner for you. Unlike stainless steel finishes, brushed nickel is a little more casual but still adds a touch of elegance to your home.


Trending Faucet Designs 


Touchless Did you know that you can opt for touchless faucets in your home too? It’s not just something you can find in restaurants or stores. Touchless designs are sleek, modern, and different. Many come with voice-activated commands or can even connect to home smart devices. What’s cooler than that?


Two-Toned Colors Want something a little different? Why not take a look at faucets with a two-toned color design? Mixing and matching different colors and finished can help trend-proof your home since something is bound to still be trending! Plus, if something needs to be replaced and you can’t find the exact color again, you’ll have a backup.


Pull-Out Faucets So we’ve gone from touchless faucets to pull-out faucets. Instead of another clunky piece taking up space, the faucet and hose can be one. The flexible design is perfect for those with both younger and older people in their families who may benefit from this feature. Plus, it makes chores a whole lot easier!


ace hardware New Hampshire


Ace Hardware New Hampshire


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