September Lawn Care Tips from Your Ace Hardware


Just because the temperatures will be cooling down soon doesn’t mean that your lawn and grass should be neglected! To keep your lawn happy and healthy all year long, seasonal lawn care is necessary. For all of your seeds and tools, visit Aubin Ace Hardware in NH! We can help you find what you need to keep your lawn looking great this fall. Here’s what you need to do!


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The Lawn and Garden section has everything you need for your grass.


Keep the fertilizer going


Fertilizing your lawn is a sure way to increase its health going into the fall. First, you will want to patch any areas with dead grass and apply nitrogen fertilizer to your lawn. This not only helps the grass recover after the scorching sun of summer but also encourages regrowth during the fall. You must water your lawn immediately after applying the fertilizer to get the best results.


Don’t forget to weed


As simple as it may sound, being intentional about pulling weeds as you see them makes a huge difference. Weeds take the moisture and nutrients that your grass needs leaving your grass weak and dry, especially on hot summer days. A few weeds are nothing to stress over, but It’s easy for a few to turn into a majority – getting out of hand. So doing a little each day or as they arise will ensure a healthier lawn.


Seed bare patches


Do you have bare patches on your lawn? Have areas dried up and turned brown from the heat of the season? Patches such as these are the weakest spots in your yard, and it’s essential to care for them. Start by sprinkling some grass seeds in these areas and watering them daily. Keep doing so until you see little sprouts. The best time to do this is in the early morning before the water evaporates in the hot sun.


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Ace Hardware in NH


At our Aubin Ace Hardware store in NH, the Lawn and Garden section has everything you need for your grass. From seasonal supplies to various tools, we can make sure you have everything you need!

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