Front Door Got You Down? Here Are A Few Paint Colors To Spruce Things Up!

With New England fall upon us, homeowners are wrapping up with outdoor DIY projects and focusing on the in. However, one element that qualifies in both environments is your front door. As the face of your home, the attention grabber to passerby’s, your front door says a lot about the home you keep. And, as the number one ‘hardware store near me, ’ our team at Aubin Ace Hardware is here to help you get the perfect look this fall.

According to feng shui, the front door of a home is one of the most important areas. Not familiar with feng shui? This practice dates back to ancient Chinese methods that focus on living in harmony with nature. When it concerns your front door in combination with these practices, it is often believed that your color choice can influence mood, health, and prosperity. Here, we are looking at a few popular front door colors and how they jive with the world of feng shui. 

Bright Red

With the holiday seasons creeping in and the colors of fall everywhere we look, there is no better time to think red. As one of the most popular colors in feng shui, red represents good luck and protection – perfect for any home! Besides, if you are looking to spruce things up, this eye-catching color is sure to pop and do just that!

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Grays and Whites

However, if subtle is more your vibe, you may want to consider a quieter tone like muted grays or white. Encouraging joy, these tones are inviting and portray the highest levels of elegance when entering a home.

Earth Tones

No matter what kind of home you reside in, choosing an earth-colored tone like brown or yellow brings a sense of calmness. Related to the earth elements, feng shui associates these tones with self-care, grounding, offering support to your overall well-being.

Blue and Greens

Although blue and green are also earth tones, they portray a different meaning than those mentioned above. These colors represent growth, bringing uplifting energy to the home surrounded by kindness.

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A fun and simple way to welcome the colder months in correspondence with feng shui philosophies is to change up the color of your front door! At Aubin Ace Hardware, we proudly carry Benjamin Moore paint to help you achieve your goals. Stop searching for a ‘hardware store near me,’ and stop visit our team today! With a dedication to service, our team is here to help you select the perfect color for your DIY project!

Aubin Ace Hardware is located at 762 Mast Road in Manchester, NH. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create next!