The Ultimate Handyman’s Holiday Wish List

Before we know it, the holiday gift-giving season will be upon us. While this year is proving to be one of the most expensive, checking off those wish lists may be a challenge. Planning can certainly help tackle the list, especially if you have a few of those ‘what to get for them’ people on the list! For the handyman in your life, you can never go wrong with the ultimate tools in Manchester, NH, from our team at Aubin Ace Hardware. Here are a few ideas to get your holiday shopping off to an easy start.


Hand and Power Tools

While most tools are built to last, with heavy use, things get broken or lost. Hand and power tools are perfect gifts for the handyman in your life because they’re always needed! From hammers to nails, drills, and drill bits, the list is endless. Not sure where to start? Take a peek in the toolbox for those ‘loved’ pieces and go from there!


Electrical Supplies

Electrical tools and supplies cover a wide range of items. While light bulbs aren’t the best choice for gift giving, wiring may be. A reciprocating saw, tongue-and-groove pliers, and fish tape are all helpful tools to have on hand for an electrical worker. Some of these can even be used for stocking stuffers.

electrical supplies nh

Automotive Repair

Whether you’re a trained auto mechanic or not, tools meant for automotive repair are helpful for any vehicle owner. Not all instances require taking your car to the shop, and with the proper tools, you can handle projects yourself. Consider items like a torque wrench, oil filter wrench, or breaker bar for yourself or your favorite car enthusiast. 


Plumbing and Heating

When it comes to plumbing and heating, there’s only one word you need to keep in mind: wrenches. Adjustable wrenches, pipe wrenches, and even a basin wrench can be of use for HVAC technicians. If you’re looking to get adventurous, you can also try a hacksaw.

plumbing supplies nh


Don’t let this holiday season stress you out. Stop into Aubin Ace Hardware today – the number one location for the ultimate selection of high-quality, reliable tools in Manchester, NH!