Why You Should Clean Your Carpet. Today.

For many of us, the hectic ins and outs of every day can often put essential home maintenance to the back burner. Sure, we’ll give the counters a quick wipe, the floors a spot clean, and the rugs a once over. However, every homeowner should establish a routine cleaning schedule to eliminate the possibility of health risks. Now by routine cleaning we’re not talking about the quick once over; we’re talking about the sleeves up, messy bun in, scrubbing. Here at Ace Hardware New Hampshire, we have the rentals you need to ensure the optimal health of your family this upcoming winter.

Deep cleaning versus vacuuming

If there’s carpet in your home, then deep cleaning should be on the routine cleaning schedule. Carpet is one of the biggest culprits of dust and allergens within the home. Although the technologies today provide us with everyday vacuum cleaners that perform wonderfully; they won’t get deep down. Even the toughest vacuum will only touch upon the surface fibers.

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Just a few mentionable germs

Although we know our carpets are germ breeding grounds, we find it easy to overlook this fact. Why? Because we don’t see them. So, the team at Ace Hardware wanted to take you deep down inside your carpet for a moment and remind you of what could be manifesting under your bare feet.

  • Staphylococcus Aureus: Otherwise known as staph. This common infection typically begins as a small tender area on the skin. Over time, that same area can swell and become tender. If left untreated, staph can lead to high fevers, chills, and blisters.
  • Dust Mites: As humans, we shed skin. That skin then becomes the primary food source for dust mites. Because of the small size, human skin can easily fall to the depths of your carpet, making the perfect hiding spot for these creatures.
  • Norovirus: Similar to the flu, this nasty bacteria will set up shop in your carpet for up to six weeks. Walking or lying across an affected area can allow the virus to spread quickly.
  • Mold: We’ve all heard of mold. We’ve all seen mold. But have you ever considered that there would be mold in your carpet? If someone is to walk across your carpet with damp, or wet shoes or socks and the carpet does not have adequate measures to dry, guess what is going to grow? You got it, mold. Opening the doors for allergens and other respiratory diseases, mold is not an element you want in your home.
  • Enterococci: Although this bacteria is naturally in your intestines, enterococci are the cause of serious human infections. From UTIs to diverticulitis, enterococci have several strains that are particularly harmful.

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Although vacuuming is crucial to your family’s health, it’s not enough. Here at Ace Hardware New Hampshire, we recommend deep cleaning your carpets every six months. Stop by the store today to inquire about the selection of rentals we have available.