Wall Color Experts at NH Ace Hardware Look into Color Psychology

Whether you know it or not, the colors we see every day are more than just a visual experience. Every color is said to leave a psychological imprint in our minds, potentially changing our moods without us knowing. Further, many people go far enough to consider color to be a classic form of silent communication. Here at Aubin Ace Hardware NH, our team delves into the world of color to assist you in deciding upon the new fresh hue for your home. 



Blue is known for being calm and relaxing. Because of these factors, it’s also one of the most popular wall color choices in nearly any room. Furthermore, blue is also connected to our feelings of trust and friendliness. 



Orange is considered wholesome and fruitful. The color is further regarded to symbolize balance, warmth, and vibrancy. Also, many say that orange stimulates the sense of hunger, making this a perfect choice for a kitchen or dining space. 


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Black creates a sense of mystery, elegance, and power. The color pulls a sense of ambition and sophisticated feelings. However, it would be best to be wary of the amount of black a room contains. Too much can change the mood of a room from ambitious to depressing while making the overall space appear much smaller than it actually is.



Traditionally, yellow is the color of happiness. It represents the moods of summer, along with inspiration and optimism. However, yellow is another color you must be careful when applying to the interior of your home. Too bright of a shade can lead to an anxious and overwhelming feeling when you, most likely, are trying to obtain a cheerful tone. 



Purple is the color of royalty, wealth, luxury, and imagination. Psychologically, the color can spark creativity, romance, and intelligent feelings. However, choosing a lighter shade, such as lilac, can help create a sense of relaxation. 



White creates a cool and refreshing tone for your home. It represents youth and cleanliness and is generally found in homes with a more contemporary look. Keep in mind that a warm white will make a room feel cozy, while more fabulous shades will create a more formal feel to your room. 


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Green is the color of nature. Our brains stimulate a feeling of joy, energy, and life when the paint is applied to interior spaces. It is also said that green brings balance, stability, and persistence. 



Grey is a classic and elegant color choice. The color is associated with messages of intelligence and discipline. Grey is known to work with a wide range of colors. Additionally, if a warm grey is paired with other warm colors, it will create a lively living space. 


New Year, New Colors from NH Ace Hardware!

The new year brings new possibilities. Of course, your home is no exception! NH Ace Hardware is the perfect place to start. With a quick update to your color scheme, you can start the year off with a new vibe to accentuate the new you! Aubin Ace Hardware is your go-to Benjamin Moore Paint dealer. We have thousands of color options available to ensure that you find the perfect match for the inside of your home. Not sure which direction is best? Our experienced and highly trained experts are to help!


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