Back to Basics: NH Tools Every Home Needs

When it comes to NH tools and gadgets, the choices can quickly become overwhelming. For instance, if you’re in your local hardware store looking for a screwdriver, you’ll not only face various hand tools but power options as well. So, where does one begin? What are the essentials that every home should have? And, should you opt for hand tools or power tools?  

Benefits of hand tools

While the debate of hand versus power tools continues, the option truly comes down to preference. With hand tools, the most significant advantage is precision and convenience. Without relying upon electricity, hand tools provide the flexibility one may need in a sticky situation. Lighter in weight, more compact in size, and useful even when the power goes out – hand tools were the first tools, and they’re definitely here to stay.  

Benefits of power tools

On the other side of the debate are power tools. This option has proven time and again to be a wonderful resource for accuracy, speed, and efficiency in workers. Depending on the job at hand and the environment of that job, power tools tend to get the job done quicker. However, you’ll need a reliable power source for these tools to operate.  

5 tools your home should not be without

Now that you understand the fundamental differences, advantages and disadvantages, it’s time to consider the basics. While hand or power options are a preference, every home should have the following:
  • Cordless Drill with various Bits: Assembling furniture, drilling into walls, woodworking projects, the list is endless, and a cordless drill brings simplicity to each and every job!
  • Hammer: Hanging pictures, fixing items around the home, you name it and a hammer is there to help. With a wide range of options, choose a model that works best for your budget.
  • Measuring Tape and Level: It doesn’t matter what the project is, having these tools is a must for accuracy on the first try. Do yourself a favor and remember to measure!
  • Multi-Bit Screwdriver: Why have multiple screwdrivers when you can own one with multiple options. A multi-bit screwdriver is a heavy-duty versatile tool that will come in handy time and time again.
  • Socket Set: Versatility meets convenience in this bundle of flexibility. If you only own one set of tools to begin, this is a strong forerunner.
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