Ace Hardware Near Me: Get Ready for Spring with Aubin

It’s been a cold winter, and we are ready for spring. Lucky for us, spring is almost here! As we all prepare to swap our snowblowers for lawnmowers, Aubin Ace Hardware is here to get you ready for spring. Rather than searching for “Ace hardware near me,” come over to Aubin to get everything you need to get a jump on spring.

Put away the snowblower.

It’s always a great day when you finally get to put away the snowblower until next winter. But to make sure that it is ready for next year, you want to store your snowblower properly. Always drain the fuel before storing it for the season. Letting gasoline sit for an extended period of time can cause corrosion in the tank. Make sure you have a cover for your snowblower as well, even if you store it inside your garage or shed. Snowblower covers are inexpensive and keep anything potentially damaging from building up while it’s not in use.

Get the lawnmower ready.

Even though the snow can linger on the grass for a while, it’s best to have your lawnmower ready before the first time you need it this year. Give it an oil change and replace the gas if you left any in the tank over the winter. Using stale gasoline can damage the engine. You can also add a fuel stabilizer to the gas to ensure it’s ready to go all spring and summer. Make sure that your blades are good and sharp so that your first cut of the grass is clean.

Stock up on fertilizer.

If your lawn needs a TLC after the winter—and whose doesn’t?—you’ll want to have fertilizer handy. At Aubin Ace Hardware, we stock all the top lawn fertilizer brands. If your lawn has any patches that need to be reseeded, we have you covered there, too. We can even help you with a lawn care plan to keep your grass looking green all year round.

Prep the grill.

We know we might be jumping the gun a bit here, but we’re excited about grilling season! We’ll refill or replace your propane tanks so that you’re ready to fire up the grill as soon as it’s warm enough. Open up the lid and check your grill shelves, too. Get yourself a fresh grill brush and clean off anything you missed at the end of last season or that built up while it was sitting all winter. If you’re thinking about buying a new grill this year, come check our collection of Weber grill models.

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Still looking for “Ace hardware near me”?

Look no further! If you’re searching for “Ace hardware near me,” you’re searching for Aubin Ace Hardware. And if you’re reading this, that means you found us! Come and stock up on everything you need for home and lawn maintenance this spring. We are here and ready to help!

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