Rebuilding Your Deck? You’ll Need These Tools

It’s officially spring. The snow has (hopefully) melted and now’s the time to start on those outdoor projects. One of the biggest springtime projects you can take on is your deck. Whether you’re just repairing the damage done by ice and snow over the winter or you’re rebuilding the deck entirely, you need the right tools for the job. And where should you go when you need tools in Manchester, NH? Aubin Ace Hardware, of course! Here’s a list of the tools you’ll need to repair or rebuild your deck that you can pick up at Aubin.


Tape Measure

We know it’s not the most exciting tool in your arsenal, but you’ll regret not having one. Remember “measure twice, cut once”? You’ll save yourself a lot of time in the long run by carefully measuring before you get to the fun part.


Chalk Line

It’s another boring one, but you’ll thank us later! A chalk line is the easiest way to mark a straight line before you start cutting, especially when you need that line to cover a distance at an angle. You’ll spend less time on the finishing touches if you carefully mark your straight lines at the start. Always use white chalk; other colors can permanently stain your deck.



This is the last boring one, we promise! Your deck is for sitting and relaxing on—or possibly grilling—so you don’t want it to lean at any exciting angles. Checking that everything is level before you start fastening the lumber together is a crucial step you don’t want to skip.


Circular Saw

Now we’re talking. You’ll probably cut most of your lumber with a circular saw, so you want a good one. We carry all the top brands for tools in Manchester, NH, at Aubin Hardware, and our team is happy to help you find the right circular saw and blades for your project.


Hand Saw

If you don’t already own a hand saw, it’s a handy thing to have around. Your deck is probably not just a simple rectangle. When you need to cut off the corners of boards to match an angle, and hand saw will serve you better than a power saw. It can operate in tighter places with precision.


Power Drill

Once you’ve gotten through the measuring and cutting, you’ll probably do most of the construction with a power drill. Having a quality drill is essential to completing any building or repair project. If you opt for a battery-powered drill, get extra batteries so you’re always charged up and ready to go. And don’t forget the bits and hardware!

Tools in Manchester, NH, from Aubin Ace Hardware

Whatever you’re building or fixing this spring, you need the right tools for the job. Next time you’re shopping for tools in Manchester, NH, come to Aubin Ace Hardware. Our professionals are ready to help you find exactly what you need.