Building Maintenance Supply: Restock at Aubin


buidling maintence supply

Building maintenance is never-ending. To keep on top of it, it’s important to always have the right supplies and tools on hand. If you are in charge of building maintenance at a facility or institution, you can get everything you need at Aubin Ace Hardware. When your stock is running low or you encounter a new maintenance issue, it’s time to rethink your building maintenance supply list. Your list varies on the building and industry you are in, but we have everything you need at Aubin.

If it’s time to restock your inventory, here are something things on your building maintenance supply list that you can find at Aubin.


Tools and Equipment

When you spend your day fixing things, you need the right tools. At Aubin, we carry tools from all the top brands. Here are some tools that we recommend you have on hand:

  • Power drill – It’s the ultimate tool for fixing just about everything. With a complete set of drill bits and screw bits and the right hardware, there’s not much you can’t repair with a good power drill.
  • Hardware and fasteners – Your awesome drill won’t do you much good without the right hardware. A solid collection of screws, fasteners, brackets, and braces are indispensable to building maintenance supply.
  • Multi-use snips – Having a single pair of snips that you can use on almost anything saves you time, money, and space. Why buy different tools to cut through different materials when you can get one that can tackle them all?
  • Wet-dry vac – Anyone who has spent any time at all doing building maintenance knows that you have to vacuum more than ordinary dirt. A good shop vac is essential for cleaning up after damage and repair projects. Invest in a wet-dry vac so that you can easily and quickly clean up after leaks and spills and avoid water damage.


Cleaning Supplies

While cleaning supplies are certainly less fun than tools and equipment, they are no less important. Every industry has its own standards and rules for what cleaning products and chemicals are allowed or required in particular circumstances. It’s also important to have basic cleaning supplies and disinfectant on hand. Paper products, spray bottles, and motorized floor-cleaning equipment are also key items to have on your building maintenance supply list.


Check off everything on your building maintenance supply list with one trip to Aubin Ace Hardware. Our staff is always ready to help you find anything you need.

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