Mulch Tips from Your “Ace Hardware Near Me”

The two times of the year when it’s best to spread mulch are spring and fall. Since we’ve definitely missed the spring window, that leaves the fall for this year. When you lay down mulch in the fall, you give your plants an extra layer of insulation that will help protect them during the colder winter months. But although mulch is great for your garden and your plants, spreading it is a chore many people dread. Luckily, your “Ace Hardware near me” has some tips to make it easier!

Try these tricks to make spreading mulch a breeze.


Use Smaller Containers

If you’re spreading mulch around trees, bushes, and smaller plants in tight quarters, it will be much easier if you use smaller containers. Fill a wheelbarrow with buckets and fill the buckets with mulch. If the buckets overflow, no big deal. The wheelbarrow will catch the excess. Wheel your wheelbarrow around your yard and use the buckets to spread the mulch. Once you empty all your buckets, dump out anything that you left behind in the wheelbarrow.


Get Yourself a Good Tarp

Everyone with a yard needs a good tarp. It’s great for hauling leaves, moving soil, collecting weeds, and spreading mulch. A heavy-duty tarp will keep the mulch off the parts of your yard where you don’t want it. You need a place to pile your mulch until you can spread it everywhere you need to, but you don’t want a heap of it on your grass or blocking your driveway.


Use a Mulching Attachment on Your Lawnmower

Are you tired of raking leaves and spreading mulch every year? Kill two birds with one stone with a mulching attachment for your lawnmower. If your mower is compatible with one of these attachments, you’ll never want to use another method again. You’ll save yourself some money on buying mulch and will make fall yard cleanup a lot easier. That’s what we call a win-win!


Get Ahead of Fall Yard Work at Your “Ace Hardware Near Me”!

Fall yard work is always a lot of, well, work. Aubin Ace Hardware—your “Ace Hardware near me”—can help make that easier with gardening tools and lawn supplies. Come visit us to get everything you need to get ready for the fall and yard work season.


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