Stay Safe While You Decorate

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and we all know what that means. It’s time to pull the holiday decorations out! Even if you like to wait a little while before hanging lights and decorating your home, it’s still good to have a plan. Also if you’re missing anything or need some more strings of lights, you grab everything you need at Aubin Ace Hardware in Goffstown, NH! You don’t want to be in the middle of decorating only to realize you’re missing something or you ran out of lights that work.

While having everything you need is important, so is staying safe!


Grab someone to help you.

Most things are faster and easier with a little help. This is especially true when ladders and electricity are involved. Grab a helper to steady the ladder and hand you things while you attach lights to your roof or wrap them around tall trees. No holiday light display is worth getting electrocuted or falling off a ladder for.


Get lights that are safe for outdoor use.

Not all holiday lights are suitable for outdoor use. Check the labels on any lights you are buying or already have before setting them up outside. If you need extension cords, make sure those are meant for outdoor use, too. Your holiday displays are going to be exposed to rain, snow, and ice. You don’t want them to short out or start an electrical fire.


Don’t use damaged decorations.

Whether you are decorating inside or outside, you should always check that your decorations are in good condition. Look for frayed wires or worn coating and insulation. While you’re hanging your decorations, be careful not to damage the wires as well. Never put tacks, nails, screws, or staples through electrical wires. Always use clips to secure your strings of holiday lights.


Look out for pets and kids.

If you have pets or little kids, make sure they can’t accidentally pull anything down or touch anything they shouldn’t. We’ve all heard those stories about someone’s cat knocking down the tree. Not only will that break all your decorations, but it could also cause a short or an electrical fire if it happens when no one is home. To be safe, turn off and unplug your lights—especially the indoor ones—when you’re not home.


Missing anything you need for holiday decorating? You can find everything at Aubin Ace Hardware in Goffstown, NH!

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