Get Ready for Spring with Garden Tools in NH

There might be snow on the ground, but spring will be here before we know it, and NH homeowners will be out taking care of their lawns and gardens. Whether you’re an old hand at gardening or are just finding out how green your thumb is, you need the right tools. At Aubin Ace Hardware, you can find all the gardening tools in NH you could possibly need. If you cultivate flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs, or a combination, the right tools make taking care of your plants much more manageable.


Ready to shop for gardening tools in NH? Here’s what should be on your list.


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Small Tools: Garden Trowel and Fork

Weeding is a chore gardeners of all descriptions are familiar with, and having the right tools is a huge help. To get weeds out of your gardens and away from your plants, a gardening fork is one of the best tools to use. A trowel comes in handy for more stubborn weeds that you need to dig out. You’ll also be thankful that you have one when it comes time to plant new seeds and plants.


Mid-Sized Tools: Pruning Shears and Loppers

If you grow shrubs, bushes, or trees on your property, you know the importance of pruning the dead branches. Ice and heavy snow can break branches in the winter. When the branches don’t completely break off, the best way to ensure that the rest of the plant can continue to flourish is to cut off the dead limbs. Age and cold temperatures can also result in dead branches in the winter. When it warms up in the spring, removing those dead branches keeps the plant healthy.


Large Tools: Rakes, Hoes, and Shovels

Often, the fastest way to remove leaves and debris from your gardens is by raking them out. You may have to pull some out with your hands, but a rake will get most of it. For turning the soil and getting it ready to plant, having a hoe and a good shovel is a must.


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Garden Tools NH at Aubin Ace Hardware

After the gray cold of winter, getting out in your garden is a real pleasure. With the right tools, you can enjoy yourself and make your garden beautiful. Find all these tools and more at Aubin Ace Hardware!


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