Step Up Your Lawn Care Game

We’re getting closer to real spring in New Hampshire, and that means lawn care is once again on our minds. If you’ve been taking inventory of the lawn care tools and equipment in your shed and it’s not quite up to snuff, then it’s time to head to the hardware store. At Aubin Ace Hardware, we have everything you’ll need to take care of your lawn this spring. Whether you just need some fertilizer or are looking for a new lawnmower, we’ve got it at Aubin Hardware.


Here are some tools you should look at on your trip to the hardware store.


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Unless you’re a first-time homeowner this spring, you probably already have a lawnmower. But even the best lawnmower can’t last forever, so if yours was struggling last year, it might be time to look at a new one. Even gas-powered lawnmowers are very efficient these days, but electric lawnmowers are also becoming more popular.



Even though you can clear the leaves from your yard with a rake, a leafblower can make it go much faster. If you have a large property or a lot of trees, a good leafblower can help you get the leaves out of your yard in no time. And just like newer lawnmowers, a new leafblower will be pretty fuel-efficient, and you can get electric or battery-powered models.



The fastest and easiest way to clean up the edges of your lawn is with a trimmer. Most models are lightweight and easy to use now. Trimmers are also much quieter than they used to be as they tend to be battery-powered rather than gas-powered.



If you fertilize your lawn, an aerator is a very useful tool to have, or at least rent periodically. An aerator punctures your lawn with spikes or metal tubes to loosen up the soil. This allows the air to flow through it more freely and helps the grass to absorb water and fertilizer and grow into nice thick turf.


hardware store near me

Everything You Need at Your Local Hardware Store

Whether you like to spend a lot of time caring for your lawn or just want it to look nice, you’ll find all the tools you need at Aubin Ace Hardware. Our staff members are always ready to help you find the best tools to take care of your lawn.


Visit us at 762 Mast Road in Manchester and make us your go-to hardware store!