Tools NH: Battery-Powered or Wired Power Tools?

When it comes to power tools, everyone has their preferences. We have our favorite brands, accessories, and add-ons for the ultimate DIY experience. At Aubin Ace Hardware, we have a wide selection of all the power tools you could possibly need—or want—from all the top brands. But there’s still one question on our minds: which is better, wired or battery-powered? There are pros and cons to both, so let’s find out which one is best for your next project.


Looking for power tools in NH? Let’s see how battery-powered and wired tools stack up.



First things first: let’s talk power. Provided that you have a reliable power source, you are always going to get more power from wired tools. Being plugged in means they have a consistent power input, and you’ll get more power out of them. Battery-powered tools only last as long as their batteries, and as the battery dies down, the tool becomes less effective.


Convenience & Portability

There’s no denying that battery-powered tools are more convenient. You don’t have to worry about working near a power source or messing with extension cords. With no wires to get in your way, you can work in tight spots and as far away as you need to.



Battery-powered tools also come out on top when it comes to safety. With no wires to trip on, you can work freely, even in awkward spaces. If you’re using saws or other tools with blades, you also don’t have to worry about accidentally slicing through a cord.



The final thing to consider when buying any new tool is the cost. Battery-powered tools are almost always more expensive than wired tools. You also have to factor in the cost of batteries. Often, batteries are sold separately, and the batteries you already have may not fit your new tool, even if it’s the same brand. Batteries don’t last forever, either, and the cost of replacing them can add up.


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Buying power tools in NH? Come to Aubin Hardware!

When comparing these four areas, wired and battery-powered tools come out evenly. When making your choice, you have to think about what kind of projects you typically do, where you tend to work, and your budget. If you need help choosing the best tools, our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you.


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