How to Care for Your Plants in Too Much Rain

Usually in the summer, gardeners welcome rain. But if there is too much rain, it can actually be a problem for your plants. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just testing out your green thumbs, too much rain makes keeping your plants alive challenging. Luckily, you’ll be able to find all the gardening tools and supplies you need to take care of your garden and get your plants through a wet patch at Aubin Ace Hardware NH.


Let’s start with how too much rain can harm your plants.


What Happens to Over-Watered Plants

Too much water can cause several problems for your plants. For starters, fungal and bacterial diseases thrive in wet weather. Plants that don’t get the chance to dry out are also liable to rot. During periods of heavy rain, pollinators like bees can’t do their job. If you’re growing fruits or vegetables, a lack of pollination combined with too much water causes the fruit to fall off before growing large enough to harvest.

Things other than your plants are also affected by too much rain. Weeds grow rapidly in wet conditions, and insects and slugs also love the wet. It can be very difficult to control these pests if the rain doesn’t let up.


So what can you do about it?


How to Care for Your Saturated Plants

Heavy rain washes nutrients your plants need to thrive out of the soil. To replace those nutrients, side-dress your plants with fertilizer, especially plants that are growing in containers. For plants that are growing in the ground, be careful not to step in the wet soil around them. Wet soil compacts, which keeps it from drying out or aerating. If you’re afraid a particular plant won’t survive, take a cutting. It should easily root in a pot so you can transplant it later.

To help prevent your plants from becoming oversaturated during periods of heavy rain, move pots and planters to higher ground and keep hanging plants away from overflowing gutters or drains. You can also build raised beds in low areas of your yard.


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Gardening Supplies at Ace Hardware NH

Keeping your plants alive can be challenging in both wet and dry weather. Luckily, you have the team at Aubin Ace Hardware NH to help you. We have fertilizer, garden tools, and more so you can have a beautiful garden this summer, despite the rain.


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