2 More Things You Should Move Out of the Garage

In our last post, we went through a few things that you shouldn’t store in your garage. We know that wasn’t a comprehensive list, and there are a few more important items that we think we should add to it. At Aubin Ace Hardware, our team is here to help you find what you need to keep your home in great shape, and that includes your garage and what you keep in it. Whether you just need better-organized storage or want to create enough space to keep your car in there, moving some of these items out can help.


Here are two more items to add to the list of things you should move out of the garage.


Old or Spare Electronics

When you get a new phone or video game console, what do you do with the old one? You can’t just throw them away. Electronics contain materials that must be disposed of carefully and can’t go in with the regular trash. If they’re still functional, it might feel wasteful to throw them away. You can sell or donate them, but then where do you keep them until you get around to that? Not in the garage. Electronics have delicate components that can be damaged when exposed to changes in temperature. For items that you plan to sell or keep, store them in a temperature-controlled area. If you plan to donate them, bring them to the thrift store or donation center as soon as you can.


Lawn Equipment

Is it really true that you shouldn’t keep your lawnmower in the garage? Yes and no. Immediately after mowing the lawn, your lawnmower’s motor stays hot for a while. No matter where you store your lawnmower, allow the motor to cool down before you put it away. By putting a mower with a hot engine into your garage, you are introducing a heat source to a potentially flammable environment. The heat could ignite gasoline fumes. Flammable items like rags or paper could also catch fire. If you have a shed, that’s a safer place to store your lawnmower. But if your garage is your only option, wait until the motor has completely cooled down before putting it away.


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