2 More Methods for Cleaning Rusty Tools

In our last post, we gave you some easy ways to clean rust from your tools using items you have around your house. But sometimes, you need something stronger than your basic household cleaners. Maybe you inherited or were gifted a set of tools from a family member, and you want to restore them to their former glory. Or maybe you were cleaning out your garage and found some tools you forgot you had. Whatever the reason, you’ll be able to get the rust off with a few things you can find at your local Ace Hardware store.

Let’s take a look at two more methods for cleaning your rusty tools.

Sand Paper and Scouring Pads

You may have some of the items you need for this method at home, but you may need to run to the hardware store for others. Before you start, make sure you have

  • Steel wool
  • A scouring pad
  • Sandpaper
  • Dish soap

Start by washing away any grease, dirt, or grime with the dish soap and some warm water. After you wash them, ensure the tools are completely dry before you proceed.

From here, it’s all elbow grease! Use the scouring pad and steel wool to scour the rusty areas. Start with the areas with the thickest rust. Once you’ve removed all you can with the scouring pad and steel wool, use the sandpaper to remove the remaining rust.

Oxalic Acid

If scrubbing isn’t getting the job done, it’s time to kick it up a notch. Oxalic acid is easy to acquire and comes in the form of a white powder. It’s not a strong acid, but you still want to be smart and take precautions when using it. Wear eye protection and disposable gloves to keep yourself safe.

To use oxalic acid to remove rust from your tools, fill a bucket with ten parts water and one part oxalic acid. Put your rusty tools in the bucket and let them soak for about 20 minutes. The acid will eat away at the rust and make it easy for you to scrub off. After you’ve finished, rinse off your tools and let them dry. They’ll look almost brand new!

Whether you’re cleaning old tools or buying new ones, you’ll find what you need at Aubin Ace Hardware!