Pre-Winter Yard Work Checklist: Part 2

In our last post, we started our fall landscaping and yard work checklist. There’s more to do to get your yard ready for winter than we could fit in one blog article, though, so we’re continuing it in this post. No matter the size of your lawn or the intricacy of your landscaping, we have everything you need to prepare your yard for winter at Aubin Ace Hardware.

Here’s the second part of our pre-winter yardwork checklist.

Weed and Fertilize

It’s a little late in the year to fertilize your cool-season grass—you want to do that in September or October—but you still have time to tackle the weeds. You want to prevent weeds from dropping seeds that will grow on your lawn. Whenever you see weeds, pull them up by the roots to prevent them from returning next year.

Clean Up Your Gardens

If you have flower or vegetable gardens, cleaning them up now will save you from having to do it in the spring. Then, when the warm weather returns, you’ll already be ready for the growing season. Throw anything you can on your compost pile to contribute to nutrient-rich soil next year.

Make Compost

Fall yard cleanup will provide plenty of great stuff to add to your compost pile. If you’ve been adding grass clippings and kitchen scraps to your compost pile throughout the year, whatever you put on it now will only create more compost. Not only is composting a sustainable way to dispose of trash and waste, but it also creates lots of excellent nutrient-rich soil to improve your gardens.

Transplant Your Shrubs

If you were planning on transplanting shrubs or trees, fall is the time to do it. Many plants do better if you transplant them when the weather is cooler. You can also transplant in late winter or early spring, but that can be difficult if the ground is still frozen. There are certain types of plants, however, that you need to wait for spring to transplant. These are the plants with fleshy roots; everything else will do just fine if you transplant them now.

Winterize Plants and Equipment

Once you’ve finished your fall yard work, it’s time to winterize. Protect your more delicate plants with frames and breathable covers, such as burlap or porous tarps. Disconnect and drain your hoses to prevent water from freezing inside and cracking the hoses. Winterize your lawnmower and store it in a safe place until next year.

Get all your yard work done with Aubin Ace Hardware!

No matter what you have to do to your lawn or landscaping before winter blows in, you can find everything you need at Aubin Ace Hardware. Stop in and get your weekend projects done!

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