Stay Safe While You Decorate with Ace Hardware NH

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to transform our homes into winter wonderlands filled with twinkling lights, dazzling ornaments, and the scent of freshly cut pine. At Aubin Ace Hardware NH, we understand the joy of holiday decorating, but we also emphasize the importance of safety. Let’s make this season both festive and secure with our guide to safe holiday decorating.


Here’s how you can stay safe while you decorate with the help of Aubin Ace Hardware NH.


Check All Your Decorations

Before diving into decorating, swing by to ensure your decorations are in top-notch condition. Inspect lights, ornaments, and other decorations for any signs of wear or damage. If something needs replacing, swing by Aubin. We’ll have everything you need to replace or repair your decorations.


Electrical Safety

Prevent electrical mishaps by checking all outlets and extension cords for wear and tear. Opt for LED lights, available at Aubin Hardware, as they emit less heat and are energy-efficient. Remember to turn off decorations when you’re away or going to bed, and use timers for added convenience.


Use Sturdy Ladders

Step up your decorating game with our sturdy and reliable ladders. When reaching for those high spaces, safety should be a priority. Aubin Hardware offers a range of well-maintained ladders to ensure a stable platform for your creativity.


Flame-Resistant Materials

Choose flame-resistant or flame-retardant decorations to minimize fire risks. Aubin Hardware stocks an array of safe and stylish options, ensuring your holiday display shines without compromising safety.


Pet and Child-Friendly Decor

For households with pets or little ones, Aubin Hardware recommends steering clear of decorations that resemble candy. Keep the holiday magic alive while ensuring everyone’s safety.


Outdoor Decor

Secure outdoor decorations against the winter winds with sturdy fastenings. Aubin Hardware has the tools and supplies you need to make your outdoor display withstand the elements.


Decorate for Christmas with Aubin Ace Hardware NH

This holiday season, let Aubin Ace Hardware NH  be your go-to destination for safe and festive decorating. With our quality products and safety tips, you can create a winter wonderland that brings joy to all while keeping your home secure. Happy decorating!


Visit Aubin Ace Hardware NH for all your Christmas decor needs. We’re open 7 to 7 on weekdays, 8 to 5 on Saturdays, and 9 to 3 on Sundays!